Rebuilding A Vintage Dual Sport: Here’s The ASMR Rebuild Of Revzilla’s Yamaha DT-1

Ari Henning and the Common Tread team showcase a masterclass of cinematography and restoration on a bike that needed a lot of love.

This Custom 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Is Called Fenix, Makes 1,180 HP

A supercharged 427 LS7 V8 powers the muscle car, mated to a Tremec T56 six-speed transmission.

Audi Design Boss: Final Combustion RS Cars Will Be Mind-Blowing

But first, an electric RS6 will be out as early as 2024.

Mercedes-AMG GT S Used During Winter Gets The Cleaning It Deserves

It might be the world's most expensive winter beater.

2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Teaser Offers Peek Inside Three-Row SUV

The Grand Highlander will debut on February 8.

Jeremy Clarkson becomes a grandad as daughter Emily welcomes baby

A new baby arrives and shakes up the very fibre of every family, so you'd have to wonder if the fact that Jeremy Clarkson has just become a grandad for the first time is he going to mellow out? The controversial TV star is frequently in the news for his outspoken beliefs- most recently with […]

Next-Gen BMW Neue Klasse To Be Made In Mexico With $866M Investment

BMW aims to reach 50 percent of its worldwide sales of fully-electric vehicles ahead of 2030.

Mercedes-Benz CLE-Class Convertible Spied Testing In The Snow

There will also be an AMG variant and a coupe body.

Rivian R1T Damaged By Puddle: Owner Recounts Service Experience

If you're in the market for an EV from a startup like Rivian, it's important to understand how the service component works.

31 used performance car bargains

If you’re looking for a used performance car, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun...

24 rotary-engined classic cars

Car parts maker accused of ‘absolutist’ face mask policy during pandemic must pay worker €10,000

A CAR-PARTS maker accused of imposing an “absolutist” face-mask policy during the Covid-19 pandemic has been ordered to pay a worker with an anxiety disorder €10,000 for discrimination. The case was described as “without precedent” by an adjudicator. The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) found the woman had offered a medical cert to her employer...

Tesla Model S Catches Fire Unexpectedly, Crews Struggle To Extinguish

The Sacramento fire department noted that it took 6,000 gallons of water to put out the blaze, which kept reigniting.

How To Maximize Your Electric Car's Range In Cold Winter Weather

Electric cars are known for losing efficiency in the winter. However, there are many ways to recuperate these losses.

The shortest-lived cars in UK history

None of these cars lasted very long - and not always because they were sales disasters

10 used cars with the best engines you can buy

Not yet ready to enter the electric era? Jack Warrick digs out 10 used bargains that offer unique and characterful engines

10 top rally car flops

Matchbox Marks 70th Year With Toy Vehicles Made From Recycled Zinc

Matchbox also said that electric vehicles will be integrated into its lineup of scale-model vehicles.

US: Tesla Tweaked Model 3/Model Y Prices Again

The Model Y is now a bit more expensive, while the Model 3 is a bit less expensive.

US: Volvo Plug-In Car Sales In January 2023 Improved By 24%

More than 30 percent of the total sales volume is rechargeable.

Horner: Red Bull faces "significant handicap" with F1 aero testing restrictions

Red Bull faces a “significant handicap” for 2023 due to the aerodynamic testing restrictions imposed after winning the Formula 1 world championship and exceeding the cost cap, says team boss Christian Horner.

Ferrari: Claims of 30hp F1 engine step for 2023 "a joke"

Ferrari has labelled rumours of a 30hp leap in engine performance this year as a "joke", amid growing intrigue about the steps that Formula 1 manufacturers have made for 2023.

Why some DTM teams take out crash insurance but others gamble

The 2022 DTM season featured several major pile-ups and accidents, costing teams several hundred thousands in repair costs. While some had insured cars against such damage, others weren’t so well prepared…

15 ’70s unicorn classics

Mercedes C 111, the futuristic prototype that caused a sensation and reached 400 km/h

Mercedes C 111, equipped with a rotary engine wankel never went into production. But it soon rose as an icon, providing ideas for the subsequent proposals of the Stuttgart house. The futuristic Mercedes C 111 was greeted with amazement by the world public. Its creators? Bruno Sacco and Joseph Gallitzendörfe. His debut in society took place at the Frankfurt International Motor Show 1969, where it was able to excite the public and the insiders. The Mercedes C 111 did not have a commercial outlet, retaining its nature as an experimental vehicle. A total of twelve units were built, in the two versions unveiled in 1969 and 1970.

Two men in their 20s killed after car collides with articulated truck in Co Mayo

The crash happened shortly before midnight in the Facefield area of Mayo.

Rivian R1S Electric SUV Drag Races Lambo Urus, Shelby F-150 Super Snake

The R1S is one of the most family-friendly EVs on sale today, and it has the power and torque to compete with some top performers.

Audi buys stake in Sauber F1 team ahead of 2026 entry

Audi has completed the purchase of a minor stake in Sauber Formula 1 team ahead of its entry to grand prix racing in 2026.

The forgotten cars of the 1980s

The 1980s bear similar parallels with today, so perhaps it's time for us to remember the cars everyone seems to have forgotten

How to Protect Your Catalytic Converter from Theft

Thieves are targeting catalytic converters in greater numbers than ever. You're going to want to read this—especially if you drive a Toyota Prius.

Why floor designs have become a key F1 battleground

The new ground effect floor design is perhaps one of the biggest changes that Formula 1 teams have had to adapt to under the new rules era.

Thousands miss out on up to €300 in savings through misplaced loyalty to their car insurer

Misplaced loyalty has been blamed for the fact that thousands of drivers are paying up to €300 a year too much for their insurance. The “loyalty premium” continues to be a feature of the motor insurance market despite recent Central Bank rules banning insurers from punishing the loyalty of their customers. The Consumers Association has called on th...

No, It's Still Cheaper To Drive 100 Miles In An Electric Car

Some back of the napkin math easily proves this to be true.

Steiner: Haas F1 2022 rollercoaster better than "just downs" of 2021

Gunther Steiner believes Haas’s “rollercoaster” 2022 Formula 1 campaign took “a lot of energy” out of the team, but felt grateful for the highs after “just downs” the previous year.

Watch: An Abandoned Yamaha YZF-600R Thundercat Gets Restored

This restoration started with a bike that was beyond rideable.

10 Best Bike Sheds for Keeping Your Gear Protected

Store your ride safely without sacrificing space in your basement or garage.

KTM Outfits 2023 390 Adventure With Wire-Spoke Wheels

More than ever, the wee ADV is ready to hit the trail.

25 great new cars from 1973

The UK’s experiencing counterfeit motorcycle Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificates

Riders have been caught with counterfeit certificates in the United Kingdom likely the result of online scams and misleading links.

VW Boss Confirms Golf Facelift For 2024, Electric Ninth Generation To Follow

The "Golf" name will soldier on in the electric era.

What do McLaren’s designers and engineers really drive?

Tesla Model S battery burns, serious difficulties in "taming" electric car flames

Firefighters took more than two hours and more than 20,000 gallons of water to extinguish a fire at a Tesla following a car accident onInterstate 95 at Wakefield in Massachusetts last week. First responders spotted the electric vehicle wedged against a guardrail in the right emergency lane. In an attempt to free the car, the guardrail punctured frame protecting the underside of the vehicle causing the lithium-ion batteries to thermally leak. Firefighters then said that the Tesla Model S was completely engulfed in flames.

Tesla Model 3 That Crashed At Pikes Peak Reborn As Mean Electric Track Weapon

It has a whopping 4,000 pounds or 2 tons of downforce now.

BMW M240i v AMG A45 v Audi RS3 v Golf R Dyno Comparison

Four similar small cars engage in a heavy battle to find the most powerful and the best power-to-weight ratio.

Tesla Model Y 7-Seater: Pros And Cons After Two Years Of Ownership

Does the Model Y live up to the hype after a few years of family road trips? Is it as family-friendly as these owners hoped?

Kirkwood admits he overdrove as an IndyCar rookie

Kyle Kirkwood admits he was overdriving at AJ Foyt Racing in 2022 and is expecting to rebuild his reputation at Andretti Autosport.

Schumacher radio criticism highlighted F1 privacy change for Russell

George Russell says that the way an off-the-cuff radio remark criticising Mick Schumacher last year became a big deal shows how he is more under the spotlight in Formula 1.

Tesla Model 3 ends up inside a swimming pool, the cause is really of the most mundane

When you are driving a car, trivial mistakes can often cost you dearly. This is well known by the owner of a Tesla Model 3 who swapped the brake pedal for the accelerator pedal and ended up crashing through the boundary wall of a house, ending up in a swimming pool with his car. The house where the incident occurred belongs to a well-known lawyer from Disney. The image posted on social media by the fire department at Pasadena in the United States shows the electric car almost completely submerged in water. Fortunately, both adult occupants of the vehicle and a four-year-old child were quickly rescued by people who witnessed the curious incident.

2023 Kawasaki H2 SX SE Flagship Sport Tourer Gets A Modest Update

All the modern conveniences get even more convenient.

The sporty cars that looked fast - but actually weren’t really

We take a look at the cars whose looks wrote cheques their engines couldn’t always cash